Hello friends,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. In February, the Lofa Jesus Film team’s projector had a problem so they were unable to show the film. They are waiting for a replacement projector.

We traveled to Yangaryah in mid-February to deliver supplies for completion of the church bathroom. The project began before we arrived, and the supplies will enable them to complete it. They were very thankful to receive them. We are planning a praise and worship event with them in the next month or so. They are also excited about an upcoming Mother’s Day program. Brother ZB was encouraged and hopeful. We met a few of the sisters who wanted us to pray for their health. The trip was encouraging for our support staff as well to see the improvements of the place and the joy of the leader and the people there.

We also took a mission trip to Paytoe Town in Grand Bassa County. We had to travel by canoe and over a very skinny log foot bridge a good fall distance from the ground. Blessedly nobody fell! We found the brothers and sisters well, and they graciously  welcomed us. The elders of the town welcomed us warmly, and gave us a chicken. We had service in the church there. The local leadership introduced themselves and Dennis preached on “Putting on the Full Armor of God”. After the service, there was a meeting to discuss some conflict between Paytoe Town and the neighboring town. We delivered 40 bags of rice to bless the people there. Brother Aquoi Lackay, their Regional Coordinator, seems to be doing very well, and is excited about the ministry work taking place. We hope you were able to see some of the photos on Facebook. We are in the process of revamping website so that we can share pictures with even more of you. We are excited to see the information that Melissa has already sent regarding that project. Thank you, Melissa, Water of Life, and all of you!!

Please pray with us as some false teaching is trying to creep in to CRCA on multiple fronts. In one church plant, a pastor had been teaching that you keep your salvation through works, and that you can lose it and regain it again. He was trying to control the congregation through fear, and had little interest in growth as he was encouraging some of the people in rebellion. The pastor, along with some of his key people, are no longer with us—which we believe is for the good. The Sunday morning services have ceased for now so as not to cause a painful split in a very young church. For the time being, we have offering Friday Night Alive instead. We meet on Friday nights for fellowship, worship, prayer, testimony, and faith building films. We pray that we can resume Sunday morning services again soon. Those who have been coming to Friday Night Alive have been so excited, and enjoying the time. They have even asked if we could hold it more often during the week.

A woman from the U.S. has come with her own ministry, and has made connection with another CRCA congregation. She has even provided them with financial assistance for some church equipment. This woman seems to have very little spiritual accountability. She is not interested in meeting the leadership or support staff of CRCA to discuss a partnership. She only wants to work with the local church, and the leader with whom she has made the association. She has gone to some of our church plants in Lofa in the past, and is teaching some philosophies that we don’t adhere to—namely that speaking in tongues is a necessary evidence of being born again. She is in Liberia now, and she is encouraging our leadership to continue with her and the Pastor she brought from Uganda, even though we shared our position with her, and told her clearly that we would partner with her. She was asked to do her work independently and not to include our churches or pastors in her teaching times. Yet, some of our people are going along with her. They are currently in Lofa.

Please pray for these struggles. The resistance from within is often more painful than those from without. We don’t want to see our people confused or led astray.

Thank you for your care and love. We know that you will pray.

Because of Jesus,
Vania & Dennis

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