What is CRCA? CRCA stands for Christian Revival Church Association, and is a family of fathers, wives, brothers, sisters, friends, and followers of Jesus around the world. It’s an association of people just like you, families like yours, and families like the Wolobahs. Meet Jonathan and Mamie.

Jonathan Wolobah is the Principal of the Konia Christian Revival School in Lofa County, and his wife Mamie teaches at the school and dreams of going to nursing school. Together, they have seven children and foster children, including a beautiful and healthy baby boy named Jonathan Jr.

HIS STORY: As a brother and deacon at the CRCA church in Monrovia, Jonathan served others with a servant’s heart, kind spirit, and ever-present smile. By 2009, his children were nearly grown, and he was nearing the end of his time at the University of Liberia when his late wife, Yassah, fell seriously ill. After hospitalization and a serious fight for life, Yassah passed away. By the end of 2009, Jonathan, although dearly loved and cared for by his church and family, was lonely and brokenhearted. He threw himself into his studies, graduated in 2010, and then immersed himself in serving his church. Around Christmas, he became involved with a traveling VBS hosted at an orphanage in Brewerville. Jonathan laid his eyes on Mamie Sannah, and was immediately intrigued by her beauty, both inside and out…but quickly learned that she was married.

HER STORY: Mamie Sannah had been a Christian for years, but was not involved in a local church fellowship. Two friends in her community invited her to participate in a special series called “Operation Andrew”, and Mamie fell in love with her local body of believers. She began getting more involved, and brought her children to participate in the special activities of her local church. In 2010, Mamie was thrilled to join the traveling VBS team headed to Brewerville to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with over 
50 orphans. She glo
ried in the stories, 
songs, crafts, and 
games that pointed the 
children to Jesus. Tragically, Mamie’s
 husband suddenly became ill and passed away. Though shocked, she trusted God to provide for her and help her raise her two sons. She continued to stay involved with CRCA by traveling with and cooking for mission teams and catering. She saw God’s hand on her and His faithfulness and provision as she mourned her husband.

THEIR STORY: CRCA asked Jonathan to accept a mission position as the principal of the Konia School in Lofa County. Jonathan saw the need, took the challenge, trusted God, and packed his things for Lofa County. The location was far from home, a nearly nine hour drive over dusty, unpaved, difficult roads. And although he was excited for his next adventure, there remained a loneliness and emptiness, a longing for a partner to share this life and journey. He shared his heart with his pastor and friend, Willie Johnson. Their pastor immediately thought of Mamie’s faithfulness and commitment to God. Jonathan was surprised and saddened to hear of the death of Mamie’s husband, but also drawn even more to this woman that he had served with in the past. With his impending departure to Lofa, Jonathan stepped out in faith again and made his intentions known to Mamie. After some time of prayer and seeking godly counsel, Mamie saw Jonathan as God’s loving provision and care for her and her family. On December 25, 2011, Christmas Day, Jonathan and Mamie were married. It seems Jesus’ Birthday has extra special significance for them…it marks the celebration of the birth of their Lord and Savior, their meeting, and the start of their marriage!

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